Wine and Truffles

We love wine and truffles so for the past 6 years, we have formed strong supply relationships with truffle farmers and wineries to develop new products with  - truffles naturally is a brand that focuses on making truffle products from 100% black perigord truffles and delicious wines.  
Truffle season from July to August (West Australian winter months)


Trufflent products

Truffles naturally


Trufflent R11 Bordeaux style red

A delicious drop

This full bodied red is lifted with characteristics of chocolate and tobacco.  The palate is rich and ripe. Suitable for all occasions the MR11 is uniquely suited for warmer climates.

RRP 29.00AUD 
MOQ Please call

Region Margaret river

Alcohol 15%

Grape composition

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Truffle butter

Seasonal July to August

Truffles and butter is a marriage made in heaven, the animal fat in the butter absorbs and conveys the smell and taste of truffles the best.  Truffle butter made from real truffles can only last 4 weeks in the fridge.  

RRP 29.00AUD

MOQ Please call

Region Manjimup

Ingredient composition

Cultured butter, black perigord truffles

Size 125g


Truffle salt

Available all year round

Salt activates the taste of truffles best - Masters that work with truffles understand the term layering of flavour.  When each component combines with the carrier of the flavour it accumulates to a true truffle experience.

RRP 12.00AUD

Size 60g

Region Manjimup

MOQ Please call

Truffle Ice cream

In a cold environment the truffles comes last

With a truffle ice cream the 'perfume' of the truffles comes towards the end.  Truffles need warmth to activate, as you eat the truffle ice cream you will taste the vanilla and as your mouth warms the truffles releases it's perfume completing the flavour.

RRP $35 

Size TBA

Coming Soon