Registrations anew -

Hi vendors,

Finally completed the integration to the site for registration of stalls.

In completing this means that Jan 10 to March 28 is open for you all to register.

Sorry I have to get all of you to re-register again all your details and create accounts for yourselves, I promise the process is not difficult. Email me if you run into problems.

Her is the link:

The new registration system plugs into a market management backend that will reduce time on admin and increase time for marketing and more important stuff.

The process -

After you have registered we will either approve or decline your application. If you have been accepted you will receive an email that says so and if you have been declined you will receive an email to say so.

If you were unsuccessful but wish to be on a waiting list, send us an email to let us know. The only reasons we will decline someone is that there are too many similar products being sold or the market is full. Those are the only conditions we determine to accept a vendor or not.

Being accepted may not mean you get to have all the dates you have requested. The market needs some flexibility to adjust dates and you will be notified when it happens.

Burswood park farmers market only charges 1 month in advance. If you have registered for all 3 months you will only be charged 1 month at a time.

You are free to modify your dates until the invoice goes out, once the invoice is issued which is normally 14th of each month, modifications will attract a $25 fee.