Oh Vendors! please help me roster!


It's me again, I know I said updates on Tuesday - but I had something urgent to ask you.

I need your dates please, please, please. If you can so kindly take some time out of your day to fill in the roster form that was sent out it would help us enormously!

If you haven't received an email with a roster link - please send me a quick email

NOTE: Everyone should have received an email - if you did not please contact us immediately -

Town of Victoria Park

The market has now received approval from Town of Victoria Park! :D

Food vendors to receive an email from me today.


Another big marketing push will commence today -

1) Dates and location of markets

2) Vendors at the markets (Starting Wednesday if I get all your dates in!)

Other updates:

  1. We have enough coffee vendors please do not apply if you are a coffee vendor.


A list of things you should have:

1) 3 x 3 Marquee with 3 sides

2) Water weights - we are not allowed to put spikes in the beautiful lawn

3) Tables and chairs for your own use

4) Nice stall presentation

5) Signs

6) EFTPOS machine (try to avoid cash if you can)

Thank you everyone - any questions etc please email

Can't wait to meet all of you there!