Hi Everyone,

Seeing that this blog is now mainly for the vendors I wanted to do a brief intro about Graeme and myself.

The organisers -

Graeme Windle - organiser for South Perth Streats

Graeme took over the reins and organised South Perth streats (Sir James Mitchell park food trucks) for 4 years, he built a big following and grew the numbers enormously.

He is the guy that takes care of the things that count such as organising the sitting and tables and the busker. He also looks after where the vendors are placed and follows up with all the vendors - he also takes in feedback well. Burswood farmers market is lucky that Graeme is share his vast experience in business to help us get this market started.

Graeme also owned and operated the Smokin BBQ bus. He sold that business some years back. You can email him on:

Roy Chin - Starter of South Perth Streats, and Perth food van

It's really hard to talk about myself in the third person so I am going to refer to me as I. :D

I started the Perth food van community 9 years back. In addition to starting the food truck community I also started the food trucks down at South Perth which was known as Under the narrows. I had a food truck business which I love dearly - Jumplings I sold in end of 2016 beginning 2017.

I left the food truck scene about 2017 to see what other challenges I can get my hands dirty on. I eventually ended up in exports and started expwa - which stands for export, experience and explore WA. I believe that WA has so much to offer.

For the Burswood markets, I take care of the marketing material, paperwork, submissions, sending out invoices and chasing them to be paid, I also run around the park on Sunday mornings with my sunglasses and my hi vis vest to make sure all vendors are bumped in safely and bumped out safely (risk management).

I have a lot to offer small businesses with my experience in organising, marketing and exporting. I hope to bring more value to Burswood Farmers Markets!

You can email me on:

So the introductions are done! now that you all know us it would be easier to chat with us.