December Vendor news

What a month November was - there were lots of lessons learnt and challenges we all know comes with starting something new. Thank you to all of you sticking through it and keeping this going.

Isn't it great that have approval till end of March 2021!

Graeme and I have been able to keep costs low and hopefully you all can benefit from it all through next year.

Here are the costs for 2021 -

Ad hoc stalls - $65 per Sunday

Ad hoc food truck - $85 per Sunday

Stalls 3 x 3

2 Sundays / month - $45 per Sunday

3 Sundays or more / month - $40 per Sunday

Food trucks

2 Sundays / month - $65 per Sunday

3 Sundays or more / month - $60 per Sunday

Market Management

The EOI's forms will be taken down and replaced with a new registration form which is connected to a new system. This system will help with the admin side of the markets and give me more time to do more important things like drinking coffee.


All our market QR codes will now work with SafeWA app.

Stay vigilant.

Working together

Feedback about sales and overall traffic turnover helps us determine how to make things better. Let us know if you had a good or bad day. It gives us information on how to make things better.


Vendors when you pay just use the invoice number as the description it helps me with reconciliation.

Online market platform

The online market is in development and should be ready mid - late Jan - to be part of it you will have to be part of the market at a minimum of 2 attendance per month. The online market will help you sell your products through the week and you can arrange for your goods to be delivered or picked up on Sundays. There will be a small monthly fee. Looking at around $20 / month.

Once it's ready I will step through with every vendor on how to use it and assist in uploading and getting your stores ready.

I would like to recommend to vendors to collaborate and come up with interesting ideas on how to sell better.

Thank you everyone for putting up with my updates and sometimes my temper.

Let's welcome 2021 with a big bang! and lots of sales!