Burswood farmers market - Vendor update 20 Oct 2020

Hi all!

Thank you for all your questions and your expressions of interest!

Quick council update -

Town of Victoria Park should be sending us the approval in the next day or two. Essentially we are all waiting on the council approval before forwarding you guys anything at the moment.

Firstly marketing -

Yes we have received all your photos - keep those stallfies coming! We can't use them as yet though - pending approval from the council.

Details about rosters and applications

You will be sent a more detailed application form soon, we have had an explosion of vendors in the last week - Graeme is currently going through them all and working out how to fit everyone in.

Have you been accepted?

If you do not receive an email from us that says you have been accepted sometime this week - it just means we have run out of room. We will however keep your application on file and contact you as soon as we have made some space.

The acceptance emails will be sent out in 2 phases:

1) First phase will be all the non food stalls you should receive an acceptance email and a link.

2) Phase 2 will be all the food stalls - this is a more complex operation so we will be in contact if we need too.

Estimate timing for emails to go out for non food stalls is sometime this week (pending approval).

Estimate timing for emails to go out for food stalls is next week.

To answer some of your questions:

1) You can roster your stall in weekly or fortnightly, this will be done on a web form. Your bookings will not be confirmed until you have paid.

2) Cost of stalls - Burswood park has generously supported this event till Christmas (20th December), the fees will be increased in the new year to accomodate any of Burswood Parks costs for maintaining the park:

a) Stalls 3x3 = $25 / week (only up to 20th December - thank you for subsidising the stalls Burswood Park)

b) Food trucks = $40 / week (only up to 20th December - thank you for subsidising the stalls Burswood Park)

We anticipate that you should budget around $60 in the new year for a 3x3 - we will negotiate our hardest with Burswood park to get the best deal for you. As we will be running several events on Burswood park hopefully we will have some brownie points.

Thank you everyone,

Please feel free to email me for any further questions -